International Students & EIL

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Before registering, be sure you have first: paid return airfare and housing deposits, sent a copy of your passport, sent in your intent to enroll form, and proof of immunization  Click for details

Click here for a video preview to the first week on campus - including EIL testing.

What should I register for?

Most international students will be testing for EIL and WILL NOT register themselves for classes.  Your letter of acceptance should indicate if you will be testing for placement in EIL.

Don't worry!!  After you arrive on campus and take the test on the Thursday before classes start you will be registered for classes by advisors AFTER you test.  You will be able to see your class schedule on mybyuh by Friday at noon.  Classes will start on Monday and you will be ready to go.

What if I don't need to test for placement in EIL?  Please follow the directions for New Freshmen or Transfer Students.

What is EIL?

The English as an International Language program, commonly known as “EIL,” is provided for non-native speakers of English to improve their English skills. The program consists of courses in the areas of Listening & Speaking, Writing, and Reading.   Students are tested and can be recommended for two levels of courses, either Intermediate or Academic English.  Students who test and demonstrate higher English skills may move directly into GE and major courses.  Upon completion of the EIL courses, students are better prepared to be successful in their university studies as a result of improved English skills. Click here to see a chart showing the levels in EIL and the classes you may be taking.

 EIL Testing

BYUH requires most international students to be tested in English upon their arrival at the university.  The test consists of three parts, including timed writing, reading, and listening portions.  Students will also have a short interview with an EIL instructor.  Testing is typically completed in less than three hours. 

 English Test Exempt

BYUH allows students to exempt the English test, meaning they are not required to take the test, if they meet certain criteria.  Exemption criteria are for students who have already completed university level courses prior to coming to BYUH, or who have high SAT, ACT, or TOEFL scores.  Specific questions about exemption criteria should be directed to the academic advisor.  

 EIL Placement

Test results are scored, rated, and students are given EIL “placements.”  Placements are recommended courses for which students should enroll.  Students who are placed into Intermediate and Academic English levels of EIL are required to register and complete these EIL recommended courses.  Because English proficiency is one of the desired outcomes of an education at BYUH, the EIL placements are required to be completed before a student can continue in their GE or major classes. 

 Students who are placed into Academic English level courses may choose from a selection of GE or major courses to take with their EIL courses.  An academic advisor can help to determine which GE or major courses will work best with the student’s schedule and EIL courses.

 Progress in EIL

Typically, students will complete one level of EIL courses each term or semester.  The final exams in these courses will determine if the student is ready to move to the next level, or if additional time is needed to improve.  Once students have progressed through the Intermediate and Academic English levels of EIL courses, they are ready to register for GE and major classes.  Depending on a student’s initial placement, time spent in EIL can be minimal (one enrollment) or longer (several enrollments).  Progression is determined by the student’s work, tests, and the final exam in each course. 

 EIL Minor

The EIL minor is earned when students complete 9 credit hours of Academic English level EIL courses (300 level), English 101, 201, & 315 (or Senior Seminar), all with a C- or better.  Students who test out of EIL or who have less than 9 credit hours of Advanced courses may purchase EIL credits to meet the 9 hour requirement.  Currently, the cost is only $5 per credit. 

 The EIL minor shows that students have achieved a university level of proficiency in the English language, and it will strengthen a student’s resume for future employment.