Getting Started: What Classes Should I Take?

Welcome to BYU-Hawaii

Here's some direction as you start your journey with planning classes and registering for classes.

How do I get started?

Make sure you have completed your intent to enroll, immunization, housing deposit, and other essentials before getting started with classes.  Click here

What classes should I take my first semester?

Are you an international student?  Click here

Are you a native English-speaking freshman student?  Click here

Are you a transfer student?  Click here

Were you a student at BYU-Hawaii before? Click here

How do I register for classes?

For step by step written instructions click here

For a short video showing you how to register click here

How should I plan my semester?

Click here to get a planning sheet where you can see the hours that classes are offered.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Most students should plan to take at least 14 credits to qualify for IWORK or scholarships.
  • You must be taking at least 12 credits to be a full-time student.
  • If you are a new international student that tests into EIL then your schedule will be planned and you will be registered after you arrive.
  • If you are an athlete then you will mostly likely want to plan your classes to be done before 2 pm.
  • Remember to leave time for lunch and time for homework.
  • If possible, leave blocks of time for work.  Remember to look for work that fits your class schedule.
  • Know yourself and be wise about when you take classes.  Don't sign up for a class that you know you will sleep through.

Any problems getting messages from BYU-Hawaii?

Please visit the IT website at to find directions on how to access your BYU-Hawaii email account.  Every student is provided a campus account and should plan to check it daily. You can easily forward this email to any other gmail, hotmail, etc. account you may already have.  Please make sure to set up your access right away since advisors, professors, financial aid, housing, orientation, and all other departments will be contacting you at this account. If you are unable to access your email account, please contact the IT office at or call 808-675-3921.